NY Based Company Clearview AI Under Radar Over Privacy Issues

NY Based Company Clearview AI Under Radar Over Privacy Issues

Canadian privacy police had started an investigation against New York-based Clearview AI to ascertain whether the company’s use of facial recognition technology complies with the nation’s privacy laws, the agencies stated on Friday.

Clearview AI bills itself as a tool for law enforcement, scratching the internet for publicly available pictures and using facial recognition to identify suspects. Critics in Canada and the US have increased concerns about the absence of consent of those searched, and the possibility of misuse of the service. Police Ontario forces have publicly acknowledged they’ve used Clearview services, including police forces in Toronto, Canada’s most populous city.

Canada and of the provinces of British Columbia Privacy commissioners Mr.Alberta and Qu├ębec will closely work to check if the company’s practices are in compliance with Canadian privacy legislation.

This investigation came into the picture as a consequence of media reports that have raised questions and concerns about whether the business is currently collecting and using personal information without consent, said a joint statement from the commissioners’ offices.

Clearview AI didn’t instantly respond to a request for comment. It added that Clearview AI has stated it was also supplying services to financial institutions. Privacy regulators in each province and territory also have agreed to work collaboratively to grow advice for organizations – such as law enforcement – on the use of technology, such as recognition, the announcement said. No further details were provided, quoting.

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