World Most Advanced Indoor Vertical Farm Got a Life

World Most Advanced Indoor Vertical Farm Got a Life

AeroFarms will be investing $42 million to build the world’s largest indoor farming center. Aeroponics is a method derived from hydroponics in which the roots are exposed and sterile with enriched mist. AeroFarms patented aeroponic growing system yields 390 times greater per sq foot a year than a commercial field farm. The patented system comprises of a closed loop that uses much less water as compared to field farming approx 90% and 40 % less water than hydroponics. The new interior farm will be situated in Cane Creek Center, a joint industrial park, for the city of Danville and Pittsylvania County in Virginia. Fred Shanks, President of the Danville Pittsylvania Regional Industrial Administration, Pittsylvania explained: AeroFarms is an ideal example of how blending technology with agriculture could give an environmentally responsible solution to developing food.

Given the history and significance Of agriculture to this area, I can’t think of a better place for AeroFarms to locate. We’re delighted to welcome them to this great community. Virginia has a rich farming history with agriculture being a part of the ancient economy. 92 jobs are being created because of this new development as well as possible Future collaboration opportunities with The Institute for Advanced Learning and Research to build on the work with Fortune 100 firms to resolve broader ag-related supply chain problems. AeroFarms is aiming a mission to change agriculture by building and operating environmentally responsible farms through the world which will enable production at nourish and scale communities with safe, healthy, and delicious food, their site reads.

The farm will be 150, 000 sq legs, double the magnitude of AeroFarms headquarters that are situated in Newark, New Jersey. To assist In the attempts of bringing this covered farm in Virginia, Governor Ralph Northam declared a $200, 000 grant from the Commonwealth’s Opportunity Fund and a $200, 000 grant from the Governor’s Agriculture and Forestry Industries Development Fund. Governor Northam commented,” AeroFarms is a leader in innovation with farming technologies which make top quality, local produce available to more communities. We’re are trying to bring capital investment and economic opportunity to rural Virginia by collaborating advanced business companies AeroFarms. The Virginia Tobacco Region Revitalization Commission too declared a $190, 000 grant from the Tobacco Regional Opportunity Fund.

With these grants and financing, Virginia was able to provide a location on North Carolina, who had been also bidding to bring the indoor farm to their nation. The Tobacco Commission has ever supported Virginia’s agriculture sector, the spine of the state’s economics, and bring AeroFarms into Danville Pittsylvania County is a win. AeroFarms’ technologically advanced approach to farming is one example of how an industry is adapting to meet the needs of modern consumers and I’m pleased that they decided to expand their business here in Southside Virginia, said Senator Frank Ruff, Tobacco Commission Vice Chairman. AeroFarms has the right idea to bring an advanced technology that’s creating jobs and opportunities for development research to a state with such a rich farming history.

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