Birmingham traffic plan: Private cars could be banned from city centre

Birmingham traffic plan: Private cars could be banned from city centre

Private cars will banned from taking “through trips” across Birmingham city centre under plans to cut pollution.
Vehicles will be able to drive into the city, but would have to go back out to the ring road to access other areas.

In a newly published transport plan the city council is also looking at rerouting the A38 and making residential roads a 20mph limit.

It said it wanted to encourage the greater use of public transport, walking and cycling.
The council has been given a “final warning” to clean up its air quality and has plans for a clean air zone to be introduced this year.

In the plan, Birmingham City Council says no private vehicles can travel through the centre, and can only come in and out from certain areas.

In the document, Waseem Zaffar, cabinet member for transport and the environment at the council said: “Over-dependence on private cars is bad for the health of ourselves and our families, bad for our communities and bad for business as measured by the millions of pounds of lost productivity caused by congestion.

“The more journeys we take by walking and cycling, the more we will improve air quality and our health and the more we will reduce congestion.”
The plan also says it will use parking as a means to manage demand car travel through availability, pricing and restrictions and land currently occupied by car parking, which has development potential could be put to “more productive use”, it said.

The A38 could be rerouted to an “upgraded ring road” and the city’s tunnels used for public transport only.

There could also be restrictions on logistics transport, including daytime deliveries.
The car used to be king in Birmingham – the City Council says that crown must now be taken by public transport.

There are four ‘Big Moves’ – as they’re being called – in this 2031 draft plan… Reallocating road space – transforming the city centre – prioritising active travel – and managing parking demand.

By far the biggest in terms of headlines is radical changes to how traffic moves through the city centre – with the possibility of the iconic A38 closing to private vehicles and access in and out allowed only from certain points on the city’s ring road.

The Labour-run local authority says it’s time to stop tinkering at the edges and make real change to improve air quality.

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