Junk Food is Creating Fear in Animals

Junk Food is Creating Fear in Animals

The junk food businesses don’t care about the animals, they care about efficacy and the cost of the process. For this reason, animals are being kept in unsanitary, and very close quarters. Are some animals being abused for efficiency’s interest, but it unnecessary. One case of this is their proof of men while they’re collecting all of the hens from the poultry 24, kicking chickens. There’s no need for this and it doesn’t benefit them, it’s just a senseless act of cruelty. Additionally, there are several samples of not killing the animals. In Fast Food country, there are samples of cruelty to animals.

The most examples were the very first-hand description of the massacre of cows from the meat. Countless cows are filled to their death in a line on their way. One accident that could happen is the steer getting its head and slipping from the lineup. This is one incident that’s described in Fast Food Nation and isn’t uncommon. After this cow obtained its mind caught until it was its turn to be 26, it was put back into the lineup to endure.

In addition, the life of a junk food-bound poultry is briefly described. From the day it’s born, till the day it’s killed, poultry just sees the stuffy poultry house. Back then there weren’t the laws and regulations – which protect the animals that we’ve today. The Jungle explains some events which take place in – meat packaging plants because of the lack of regulations. One instance of the cattle’s cruelty – and inhumane treatment is the manner in. Due to the – shortage of regulations in those times, no one really cared about the manner in which they were being – killed.

Axes had been used to slaughter these cattle into a very less than humane – manner. There was also a risk of these cows becoming lose. When a steer is lost – into a meat packaging plant not only is it very dangerous for the cattle but the – employees to there are videos that expose many terrifying facts about the junk food industry which were a very well kept secret. The majority of the hens can simply walk a couple of steps because they’re physically not able to hold themselves up. It also shows how horribly this man who comes to collect them treat them.

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