Luxury Restaurant and Luxury Food is a New Trend in America

Luxury Restaurant and Luxury Food is a New Trend in America

Hotel restaurants in America were a place to fill up following a flight into the destination or a day of sightseeing. Even the luxury hotels weren’t renowned for their restaurants – they supplied enough fare, but customers could be tempted into behind making a booking and the food was no reason. However, things have changed they pushed out the boat – some of the distinctive and most elegant restaurants in America are available inside the walls of luxury hotels.

Here’s the lowdown on the newest hotel dining spots to be voted to the top 5

1.French Space – The Adolphus Hotel, TexasA magnificent dame of a hotel in Texas that is downtown, The Adolphus tops the bill, but its dcor and service.

The air is pure old world love with subtle lights and hand-painted ceilings – and of the meals is an unpretentious yet brilliant fusion of American and French cuisine.

2. Fountain Restaurant – Philadelphia, The Four Seasons Hotel – The Four Seasons is a luxury and an American institution. In Philadelphia, the Fountain carries to be a firm favorite inside the town and because of the classic dishes served by chef Martin Hamann from the New French Continental fashion.
3. Dining Space – Little Palm Island Resort, Florida – This romantic getaway resort is a boat ride away from of the keys, set on its own private island.

The resort and restaurant promise a magical setting plus they do not disappoint. The meals is just as exceptional, of the French Caribbean themed own menu adds to the exotic vibe of the location.

4. The Inn at Little Washington, Washington A luxury Virginia inn, the prestige of the resort spills over to of the dining room where chef Patrick O’Connell uses only of the freshest ingredients and seasonal produce for a New American own menu. With its romantic dcor, of the experience of the out of city hideaway is complete.
5. Maestro – Ritz Carlton Tysons Corner, Virginia – This elegant restaurant has all the impeccable fashion you’d expect from the exclusive Ritz Hotel Carlton, but with a contemporary twist – an open kitchen to observe the master Fabio Trabocchi at work. The wine list is something any restaurant in Italy will be proud of, while the flavors and dishes bring the type of depth and subtlety that reflects their Italian heritage to perfection From around the globe.

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